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Wicketed Bags & Pouches

Tri Pac Inc. specializes in a wide-range of diverse flexible poly packaging. We aim to save you both time and money by providing consistent quality, up to the minute technology, competitive pricing, and dynamic customer service.

Wicketed Bags & Pouches:

Wicketed bags are an extremely flexible and versatile packaging solution which brings automation to the packing process. Bags are stacked and held together by use of wicket wires that allow the bags to be loaded into a dispenser for filling.  Once filled, the bags are removed automatically from the wicket wire using a perforated slot in the wicket lip which is designed based on the dispenser/filling machine specifications. These bags can be used with automatic and semi-automatic bag openers or in manual operations.

  • Wicket Pouches are available with zipper and tape closures.

Custom Packaging Designs

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