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TimberWrap Plus Lumber Wrap

Tri Pac Inc. produces woven covers made of high quality woven plastic material and offers competitive priced lumber covers, quick turn-around time and custom sizing options. Learn more about woven wraps and bags today.

Let your lumber wrap advertise your company like never before. Tri Pac Inc. is pleased to introduce, TimberWrap Plus lumber wrap.  Through our state-of-the-art manufacturing process, we’re excited to offer your company a more advanced packaging solution, without increasing your bottom line.  Our innovative, premium-grade lumber wrap offers High Visibility Printing, High-Strength Anti-Wrinkle Weave and High Strength Reinforced Anti-Pullout Staple Threading; all at a competitive price.

High Visibility Graphics

Take a moment to imagine the possibilities and how truly eye-catching your packaging could be to potential customers, both en-route (on the highway) and sitting in the retail yard. Show o your company’s branding like never before. Grab the attention of people with High Visibility eight colour processed print. Speak to potential customers by showing what product lines you produce, ways in which customers can use your products by inspiring project ideas like decking or architectural design. A picture is worth a thousand words, what’s your current lumber wrap not saying and how much in sales is that costing you?

Product Applications:
  • Protective packaging specifically designed for lumber to protect against abrasion, weather, handling and transit damage.  
  • Three layer design provides excellent tear strength and puncture resistance.
Benefits of Use:

Your brand will look its best during transportation and in the yard by utilizing 24 months UVI protection treatment.  TimberWrap Plus’ tighter 8×8 weave pattern adds strength to the product while ensuring less chance of tearing under stress.  Micro-perforation allows treated lumber to breathe lets humidity equalize inside the package to keep the product fresh and clean.

Various Customization Options:

Option 1: Logo Printing

Up to three colour printing.

Option 2: UVI Treatment

Up to 24 months UVI in wrap and inks

Option 3: Wide Width Rolls

Available to to 130” wide


What’s the added cost: NOTHING!

Every business needs to continually assess its costs and your packaging should be no exception. Tri Pac Inc. is confident that your company can benefit from our advanced TimberWrap PlusTM lumber wrap packaging at the same price that you’re currently paying, or less!

High-Strength Anti-Wrinkle Weave, with High Strength Reinforced Threading

TimberWrap Plus consists of a High-strength Anti-Wrinkle Weave which is woven using state-of-the-art circular looms to maintain uniformity of the material throughout the wrap.  No fillers, including calcium carbonate, which are are known to compromise the strength of the film, are used. Our wrap is only comprised of high quality virgin plastic resins to ensure consistent strength across the entire product. Each roll or hood of TimberWrap Plus lumber wrap also includes Reinforced High Strength Anti-Pullout Staple Threading which is the strongest in the industry. Twelve month UV protection is standard throughout our TimberWrap Plus to ensure you don’t experience a break down in our Lumber Wrap or colour fading when stored outside in direct sunlight.

TimberWrap Plus - Lumber Wrap

TimberWrap Plus – Lumber Wrap


70 gsm with 225 gsm threading

Up to 24 Months UVI in wrap and inks
• Tighter, 8×8 weave

3” wide anti-pullout staples threading on both edges of film

• Each roll is individually overwrapped
Plastic cores

Up to 130” wide and 3 colour print

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