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TimberWrap Plus Lumber Wrap

Tri Pac Inc. produces woven covers made of high quality woven plastic material and offers competitive priced lumber covers, quick turn-around time and custom sizing options. Learn more about woven wraps and bags today.

TimberWrap Plus is a superior lumber wrap, manufactured using a unique waterjet process. This premium-grade wrap has been used throughout North America and Europe for years by many proactive lumber mills looking for a better way to cut their costs.  The unique waterjet process provides superior puncture resistance and exceptional tear resistance.

Product Applications:
  • Protective packaging specifically designed for lumber to protect against abrasion, weather, handling and transit damage.  
  • Three layer design provides excellent tear strength and puncture resistance.
Benefits of Use:

Your brand will look its best during transportation and in the yard by utilizing 24 months UVI protection treatment.  TimberWrap Plus’ tighter 8×8 weave pattern adds strength to the product while ensuring less chance of tearing under stress.  Micro-perforation allows treated lumber to breathe let’s humidity equalize inside the package to keep the product fresh and clean.

Various Customization Options:

Option 1: Logo Printing

Up to three colour printing.

Option 2: UVI Treatment

Up to 24 months UVI in wrap and inks

Option 3: Wide Width Rolls

Available to to 130” wide



TimberWrap Plus - Lumber Wrap

TimberWrap Plus – Lumber Wrap


78 gsm (standard) + 2 gsm (additional
white master batch) = 80 gsm

Up to 24 Months UVI in wrap and inks
• Tighter, 8×8 weave

3” wide anti-staple pullout on both edges of film

• Each roll is individually overwrapped
Plastic cores

Up to 130” wide and 3 colour print

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