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Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

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Synthetic roofing underlayment

Synthetic roofing underlayment is a water and vapor resistant underlayment for residential roofing, an item that was developed as a lighter, more durable replacement of the conventional asphalt saturated felt products.  It provides greater fabric strength, longer outdoors exposure, higher temperature resistance, better ease of installation, and safer walkability while retaining the basic water-shedding capabilities during and after construction to protect the structure from water damage.  Available in a 3-layer or 4-layer roofing underlayment constructed of woven PP and an anti-skid feature (elastomer treatment or SBPP lamination).

Product Applications

➢  Used as a secondary weather and water barrier for residential steep slope roofing during and after construction.

➢  A lighter, more cost effective alternative to felt underlayment.

Benefits of Use

➢  An additional layer of protection between the roof deck and shingles.

➢  Provides safer walking surface for roofers with anti-skid treated surface. (Effective in wet conditions also)

➢  Water resistant and vapor resistant

➢  Excellent for metal roof applications due to higher heat resistance properties (felt will melt under metal roofing).

➢  UVI treated for long term outdoor exposure (6-12months)

➢  Offers a higher degree of weather protection than felt

➢  Prevents condensation buildup beneath the roof deck

➢  Lighter and installs up to 40% faster than felt

➢  100% recyclable and non-toxic

Various Customization Options:

➢  Option 1 : Logo Printing

✓  Up to three colour printing using gravure cylinders.

➢  Option 2 : Anti-Skid Surface Treatment

Anti-skid surface treatments available:

✓  Elastomer Treatment : UDL coating attains a rubber-like anti-skid property.

✓  SBPP Lamination : One side of the UDL is laminated with a nonwoven spunbond polypropylene(SBPP) fabric. This SBPP fabric has a course texture which provides excellent traction.

✓  Embossed SBPP : For enhanced walkability, embossed SBPP laminated UDL products are available.

➢  Option 3 : UVI Treatment

✓ Minimum 6 months UVI treatment, product retains 90% of its strength after 6 months UV exposure.

➢  Option 4 : Coating Color

✓  Any coating color can be facilitated, black or gray are strongest against UV degradation.

Product Structure:


  • Top Coating –  elastomer treated LDPP coating
  • Woven Scrim – 8×8 ppi woven HDPP scrim
  • Bottom Coating – elastomer treated LDPP coating


  • Anti-Skid Layer – SBPP lamination
  • Adhesive Coating – LDPP coating
  • Woven Scrim – 8×8 ppi woven HDPP scrim
  • Bottom Coating – elastomer treated LDPP coating 
WeightStructureRoll SizeQuantityCertification
85gsm3 layers4ft x 250ft72 rolls per palletICC ESR-3846
100gsm4 layers4ft x 250ft56 rolls per palletICC ESR-3846
140gsm3 layers4ft x 250ft42 rolls per palletICC ESR-3846
160gsm4 layers4ft x 250ft42 rolls per palletESR-3846 addition pending
185gsm4 layers4ft x 250ft36 rolls per palletESR-3846 addition pending
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  • Anti-slip Surface Treatment (SBPP, embossed SBPP, elastomer treatment)
  • Max UVI 8%
  • Plastic Cores
  • Master Rolls
Techincal Data (100gsm)
PropertyTest MethodSpecification
Mil Thickness-6-14 mil
Tensile StrengthASTM D228 & D146Pass
Tear StrengthASTM D228 & D1922Pass
UV StabilityThermal StabilizersYes
PliabilityASTM D228Pass
Meets Performance CharacteristicsASTM D4869 & D226Pass
Liquid Water TransmissionASTM D4869Pass
Dimensional StabilityASTM D1087Pass
Temperature Range--40 degreees F to 220 degrees F
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