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Spout Pouches

Tri Pac Inc. specializes in a wide-range of diverse flexible poly packaging. We aim to save you both time and money by providing consistent quality, up to the minute technology, competitive pricing, and dynamic customer service.

Spout Pouches:

Similar to the Stand Up Pouch in every way but it’s specifically made for liquid products, hence the spout. You can choose the size and placement of the spout to best suit your product and filling equipment. Spout Pouches can be designed with a wide variety of shapes, fitments, and re-closable features. They are the premium package to showcase you line of bagged products. If you want to stand out on a shelf and have your brand status to improve while enjoying optimal product freshness, this is the item for you. Available in a variety of film colours and print option. You can even have “windows” to view your product.

Custom Packaging Designs

Your product is unique and so is your brand. Get started with our custom packaging solutions.

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