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Sewn Railcar Covers

Tri Pac Inc. produces woven covers made of high quality woven plastic material and offers competitive priced lumber covers, quick turn-around time and custom sizing options. Learn more about woven wraps and bags today.


Sewn railcar covers are a cost-effective way to protect wood products, lumber, siding and composite products during the shipping process. These sewn shipping covers offer a protective solution, custom design and custom sizing. Sewn railcar covers are manufactured from woven wrap material (also used for lumber wraps and lumber covers) and designed to meet load requirements, and customized for the best protection from dirt, weather, and the shipping process.

Railcar covers will not only allow your shipment to arrive in great condition, they also offer a great marketing opportunity. Let your brand be seen everywhere you shipment travels.


Protect your valuable product against the elements. Shipping by rail can exposure wood products and lumber to a number of elements. Tri Pac Inc. railcar shipping covers offer a barrier to protect the lumber. Beyond protection, railcar covers offer a large advertising platform. Plus sewn railcar covers can be applied quickly, saving time.


Custom design and sizing available.

Sewn Rail Cover

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