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TimberWrap Plus Sewn Lumber Covers

Tri Pac Inc. produces woven covers made of high quality woven plastic material and offers competitive priced lumber covers, quick turn-around time and custom sizing options. Learn more about woven wraps and bags today.


Tri Pac Inc. offers custom sewn lumber covers for sawn lumber and lumber products. This is an ideal choice for mills and yards because lumber covers are sewn to be form fitting and can offer protection while the product is in transit or being stored in inventory. Sewn lumber covers are available with print customizations or without print, as well as a selection of material for the end of the package.

  • All sewn lumber covers are folden, bundled and palletized
  • Sewn lumber covers can look as good or better than lumber wrap if applied correctly. Product tightness is determined by how it is fastened in the application process.
  • Sewn lumber covers are recommended in scenarios where the use of stapling is restricted. Sewn lumber covers are form-fitting, which requires less fastening than lumber wrap.

Custom design and sizing available.

Sewn Lumber Covers

Sewn Lumber Covers – Closeup

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