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Printed Lumber Covers

Tri Pac Inc. produces woven covers made of high quality woven plastic material and offers competitive priced lumber covers, quick turn-around time and custom sizing options. Learn more about woven wraps and bags today.


Printed lumber covers offer customers easy lumber cover application plus a strong advertising platform for market branding. Tri Pac Inc. provides various customization options allowing for a number of different lumber wrap designs. Lumber covers protect wood products and lumber, ensuring they are shielded from the elements during the shipping process and arrive safely to your customers.

Beyond providing protection, Tri Pac Inc. printed lumber covers offer an advertising opportunity. The customer’s print and design can be applied to the lumber cover, conveying branding, quality, and differentiating from the competition.

To meet the needs of our customers, Tri Pac Inc. focuses on quality; quality print design and quality plastic.


Tri Pac Inc. works closely with customers to ensure that your brand looks its best with high quality print design, but also that all variables of the package function. This strategy results in an attention-grabbing printed lumber cover, reflecting the quality product being transported, and the quality company behind the product.


Print design can be customized, The sales team at Tri Pac Inc. will work with customers to develop a custom print. Both width and lengths of printed lumber wrap is an option.

Printed Lumber Covers

Custom Packaging Designs

Your product is unique and so is your brand. Get started with our custom packaging solutions.

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