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Insulated Curing Blankets

Tri Pac Inc. specializes in a range of heavy duty and construction products for road and home construction.

Insulated Curing Blanket:

Tri Pac Insulated Curing Blanket


Designed for construction during cold weather, these blankets can be used for concrete curing, hoarding applications, scaffolding insulation and ground thaw.


  • Lightweight & flexible blankets that lay flat in sub-zero temperatures
  • Closed cell foam insulation is moisture resistant ensuring retention of maximum insulation properties
  • The outer cover and foam are semi translucent allowing light to penetrate for a safe work environment
  • The design protects the internal foam from UV damage
  • Foam fills the blanket all the way to the outer edges reducing heat loss at the extremities


What is Velcro-Seal?

Velcro-Seal is our patent pending design that maximizes a curing blanket’s R-value by sealing blankets in the length direction with Velcro liners.  Velcro liners not only enhance the product’s heat retention, property, but also allows for convenient installation and repackaging.

Advantages of Velcro-Seal:

  • Maximizes heat retention property
  • Makes installation easier
  • Makes repackaging product for storage easier
  • Traps heat better than eyelet-only blankets
  • Prevents cold wind from blowing in
  • Helps pieces to stay attached to each other
Product structure:

    1. Webbing band (reinforcement)
    2. Woven PE Fabric (shell)
    3. Bubble Sheet (insulation)
    4. PE Foam (insulation)
    5. Woven PE Fabric (shell)
Product Features:
  • The webbing band (120gsm, white) has no pre-punched holes.
  • Aluminum eyelets have been placed every 5~6ft instead of the conventional 3ft, in order to maximize the blanket’s heat retention properties.
  • Both sides of the blanket have been lined with a strip of velcro; the hook on one side and the loop on the other. This design helps the blankets stay fastened together all along the hem, retain more heat than conventional blankets, and allow for ease of installation and repackaging.
  • Seams have been sewn with high denier mutli-filament polyester yarns. For the stich, chain sewing method has been used.
  • Velcro ties have been added to one end of the blanket to help with repackaging after use.  Your on-site workers should appreciate this feature.
Customization options:
  • Product size (maximum width = 12ft)
  • PE fabric weight
  • PE webbing band (with or without)
  • PE webbing bank fabric weight
  • PE fabric colours
  • Insulation material (bubble wrap, PE foam, etc.)
  • Insulation material thickness
  • Insulation material combinations
  • Fastening features (eyelets and/or Velcro liners)
  • Eyelet distance
  • Fabric UVI treatment
Base Fabric (Black)Base Fabric (Navy Blue)Webbing Band (White)Fabric UVI TreatmentInsultationFoamFastening FeaturesVelcro Life
70gsm80gsm120gsm2-3% UVI treated2 layers of foam (combinations available)1.6mm thickAluminum eyelets & 4cm wide polyester velcro500-800 peels
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