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    Poly Packaging Solutions

    Tri Pac Inc. has partnered with industry leaders so that we can provide you with unrivalled quality. We specialize in a wide-range of diverse flexible poly and paper packaging. We aim to save you both time and money by providing consistent quality, up to the minute technology, competitive pricing, and dynamic customer service.

    We proactively prepare to handle challenges that are specific to your industry. Our team of industry experts follow a consistent approach to ensure that the services you receive reflect the services you need.

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  • customBags

    Product & Design Customization

    At Tri Pac Inc., you will find more than just another manufacturer. We provide a full suite of expertise, including Graphic Design services, if desired. Our goal is to help you meet your business goals, and make your job that much easier.

    In addition to helping you to determine the right packaging for your product, we design packaging that stands out against your competition. Don’t use packaging that is not adapted to your products.

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    Our Customer Service Promise

    Our first priority is to deliver the highest quality flexible poly solutions to our clients. We recognize that a reputation for excellence is not given, it is earned over time.

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“There is hardly a product of our culture that someone cannot make a little worse and sell for a little less, and the one who puts price above all other considerations is the natural prey of this man.”

John Ruskin